Fashion Martyrs are Out

Portrait of an articulated skeleton on a bentwood chair

Have these in a Size 2?

We are in an economic instability, downturn, crisis, recession, depression, catastrophe, apocalypse, cataclysm. Whatever.

If it comes down to buying those Christian Louboutin heels or eating for the next three months, choose the food route. Heels make poor meals, and diamonds do not digest. Pass up the Prada bag if it’s going to stand between you and a roof over your head.

Don’t starve on behalf of style, yours or anyone else’s. Those starving for the sake of fashion are the ones convinced that being a Size 0 means they’re overweight. That’s unhealthy. Besides, nobody recognizes fashion martyrdom as a noble gesture these days. Just sayin’.

Are you giving up a healthy lifestyle for the sake of style? Take the poll, leave some comment juice.

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