Disco? Dead? Nah.

Disco lives in our hearts.

Disco is not dead, which you know for a fact if you saw the So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 finale by power duo Melanie Moore and Marko Germar.

So it’s time to ‘fess up, sister sister.

You’re an uber-Fan of Disco.

You secretly yearn to return to that drawer-full of shoulder pads and 1970s-vintage leg warmers in blinding neon.

BALMAIN - METALLIC LEATHER ZIP UP LEGGINGSThe stretch pants that looked more like we painted them on than zipped them up. My faves were the electric blue ones –yes, Bedazzled– and a pair of bright metallic purple. Size 6. Yeah, it’s been that long.

You believe the doors to Studio 64 are still open, somehow, somewhere. Akron, maybe. (Sorry, Akron.)

Big hair you’re more likely to see on reruns of CHiPs than at a local mall.

When the kids aren’t in your car, the windows are bellying out as the CD player howls “Turn the Beat Around.” The steering wheel bears witness; see those palm dents at 10 and 2? You sing along. Of course.

And it’s okay. Really.

Disco isn’t dead. It’s just waiting for us to catch up.

Price: approx $2665 USD
Elasticated waistband. Unlined. Sample Size: 36. Brand: Balmain

Massive Ballroom Size 20" Mirror Disco Ball
Massive Ballroom Size 20″ Mirror Disco Ball
Price: $69.99
This giant mirror ball has an enormous 20″ diameter. It’s big. we swear. It is covered with thousands of precision cut silver chromed mirrors that scatter light with nearly zero intensity loss. The ball comes with a pre installed heavy duty hang ring perfect for ceilings or rafters.
Does your heart beat faster when you hear the ancient strains of Duran Duran? Do tell.