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Last year, my training for the Edinburgh Marathon was not going as planned. In fact, I was not running at all…Read More!   Today has been a tough day. Exactly one year after my city, the city that I love, was so brutally attacked and all the emotions of that day come flooding right back…Read More!
I wasn’t sure how to call withdrawing from my first ever marathon anything but a failure…Read More!

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Sandy flavored Baked Tomato Slices


If you are looking for a recipe using tomato slices and herbs, look no further. Tomato slices are used to create a delightfully easy and tasty recipe.



Ingredients:myfav copy

  • tomato slices
  • herbs
  • salt and pepper
  • cheese
  • cheese

Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

Slice tomatoes approximately 3/8″ thick. Arrange on foil lined baking sheet. Baking sheet must have a lip on all sides. Sprinkle with the herbs of your choosing. Below, dried basil was used.
Sprinkle with herb of choice.
Sprinkle with salt and pepper and any other seasoning you desire. Seasoning works well as does garlic powder.

Add freshly grated cheeses.
Bake at 450 degrees for 15 minutes.
The finished product fresh out of the oven.
Allow to sit for a few minutes to firm up a bit. Use spatula to arrange on plate to serve.


Uptown Lass is here to help!

Uptown Lass is here to help!


Neutral to Die For

Neutral to Die For



Berry Berry


Tea Break

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Skin Care Tips

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Joshua is iTrapped

Just like having a fashion expert in your phone.

Never get tired of learning more about where to shop, what to wear, how to accessorize?

Now you can raise your Fashionista Score by several thousand points with a collection of ten hot mobile apps for your smartphone from such guru-worthy sources as Zappos, Sephora and more.

Here ya go, courtesy of Enjoy!

Note: No fashion gurus were harmed in the making of this post. Srsly.

Disco? Dead? Nah.

Disco is not dead, which you know for a fact if you saw the So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 finale by power duo Melanie Moore and Marko Germar.

So it’s time to ‘fess up, sister sister.

You’re an uber-Fan of Disco.

You secretly yearn to return to that drawer-full of shoulder pads and 1970s-vintage leg warmers in blinding neon.

BALMAIN - METALLIC LEATHER ZIP UP LEGGINGSThe stretch pants that looked more like we painted them on than zipped them up. My faves were the electric blue ones –yes, Bedazzled– and a pair of bright metallic purple. Size 6. Yeah, it’s been that long.

You believe the doors to Studio 64 are still open, somehow, somewhere. Akron, maybe. (Sorry, Akron.)

Big hair you’re more likely to see on reruns of CHiPs than at a local mall.

When the kids aren’t in your car, the windows are bellying out as the CD player howls “Turn the Beat Around.” The steering wheel bears witness; see those palm dents at 10 and 2? You sing along. Of course.

And it’s okay. Really.

Disco isn’t dead. It’s just waiting for us to catch up.

Price: approx $2665 USD
Elasticated waistband. Unlined. Sample Size: 36. Brand: Balmain

Massive Ballroom Size 20" Mirror Disco Ball
Massive Ballroom Size 20″ Mirror Disco Ball
Price: $69.99
This giant mirror ball has an enormous 20″ diameter. It’s big. we swear. It is covered with thousands of precision cut silver chromed mirrors that scatter light with nearly zero intensity loss. The ball comes with a pre installed heavy duty hang ring perfect for ceilings or rafters.
Does your heart beat faster when you hear the ancient strains of Duran Duran? Do tell.

Fashion Yeti

Fashion Yeti

Fashion yeti attacks peaceful local village. Film at eleven.

“I’ll be wearing a pink plaid tankini to cousin Jane’s wedding at St. Somebody-or-Nuther cathedral. These new silver flip-flops match my beach bag!” says the Fashion Yeti.

A Fashion Yeti’s tendency toward Casual Outrageous is not a personal style. It’s not even a good personal statement.

By adopting outrageously casual style in inappropriate settings, the Fashion Yeti is declaring: “I lack essential core judgment synapses and should be treated like a four-year-old because I will probably act like one.” And dress like one. Most four-year-olds aren’t yet ready to act as their own stylists.

You may know a Fashion Yeti. Treat them gently, delicate as mirrors. There is hope for them yet.


Is your BFF a Fashion Yeti? How do you help? Tell us. Just don’t name names. No bullying or backstabbing allowed.

Major Shoe Crush. SRSLY

Design Your Very Own Shoes at Milk & HoneyGet Bookmarked: Milk and Honey Shoes

If I were a 15-year-old girl, right about now I’d be shrieking as if Justin Bieber just walked into the room. { bay-bee bay-bee bay-be OH OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! } or something like that.

If I shriek at my age, it better be about a dragon or house-sized spider or something else for my husband to slay. Or shoes. Let’s go with shoes this time. OMG

I’ll maintain my composure long enough to tell you about Milk and Honey Shoes™ where you can Design your Own SHOES.

You start with a basic shape – pumps, flats, sandals, wedge or (soon) bootie.

then you design the toes,
then the backs and straps,
the piping and trim,
add embellishments,
choose your heel and platform…
declare your heel height,
pick your size (with guidance!),
choose a width,
select a buckle color

… then choose from a gazillion fabrics, colors and textures.

To Die For.

Get stuck? Can’t find that perfect shade or print? Pick up the phone or your email device of choice.
Not happy? The Milk & Honey people want you to be – and they’ll go the extra thousand miles to make sure you get the design options you want. How’s that for perfection?

Oh, did I mention they ship worldwide? They ship worldwide.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I stumbled into the section (called “how It works”) where they talk about how you can hold Shoe Parties! Well, ok – you have to be in the Greater Los Angeles area, but can you think of a better reason to move to LA?

Yeah, I’m ranting. Yeah, I am experiencing Major Shoe Crush for Milk & Honey. Seriously. SRSLY.

(A special MWAH! to Dorian Howard of Milk & Honey, whose email landed on my desk this afternoon and kicked off a SERIOUS Shoe Crush. Thanks so much!)

You Know: OLD Classic

Flashdance with Fran

You know: OLD Classic

A young lady was complaining about apparel, fashion and style. She is convinced that style is dictated by the fashion industry. Style is so difficult to follow because she has to buy All New Stuff so often.

And she doesn’t DARE wear the Old Stuff since it’s So Last Season. (The More Capitals, The SHRILLER THE VOICE.)

As my ears begin to bleed, she states firmly that she’s not going to do Following Style anymore. She is only going to Follow Fashion.

[insert a brief silence here as personal stylists everywhere lament quietly]

Now, she says, she’s going only Classic.

Classic?  I feel my spirit begin to recover in hope. Visions of an elegantly tailored Chanel suit with black grosgrain trim drift past my half-closed eyes. Maybe the barest hint of a neck scarf – a burgundy chiffon, a muted floral perhaps. Classic. Yes… as I attempt to refocus on her conversation.

“YOU know. OLD Classic. Like 1980s Classic!

[insert nine shrill exclamation points, during which I contemplate strangling someone with a classic shoulder pad]