Dear Sandbox Attendee

Blog Whisperer’s WordPress sandbox is a place to try things out before you install them on your own blog – to learn about the admin panel – to hunt for ideas – to play in a risk-free environment. If the sandbox crashes, oh well. We’ll just fix it -or replace it- and move on.

Like all good playgrounds, the sandbox has a few rules so nobody gets hurt.

  • Share your toys – if you install something and it works, please leave it here for someone else to try (if it’s a free item).
  • Don’t be mean – if you see something here, don’t erase it unless YOU put it here.
  • Don’t delete users – that’s part of Don’t be mean.
  • Play fair – if someone asks for help and you know the answer, help them if you can.
  • Ask for help – if you need help, ask for it. There’s a chat here for that, and I’m almost always around Facebook. (NOTE: Chat is broken as of WP 4.0 – I’m working to figure it out)

If I’m not over there raking leaves, and you need help – check Facebook in the WordPress Help group (ask to join if you’re not a member), or send me a message at The Blog Whisperer.